Diagnosis of Hair Loss Using Digital Analysis


Diagnosis of Hair Loss Using Digital Hair Analysis

Are you one of the many women or men considering hair restoration? If so, you might be wondering what is involved. Before recommending the best restoration procedure, our experts at Amarillo Hair Restoration Center will work with you to diagnose the cause of your hair loss. You can trust us to find the best hair loss solutions to help you enjoy a full head of hair once again!

What Happens at Your First Hair Exam?

The goal of your first hair exam is to determine the reason behind your hair loss. Most people seeking hair restoration in the US today are among the 80 million women and men who suffer from female or male pattern hair loss, otherwise known as androgenetic alopecia. This condition is simple to diagnose, with restorative procedures available.

Since there are many causes of hair loss other than genetic causes, during our initial consultation, we will perform a scalp examination along with asking you about your medical history to determine the exact cause of hair loss.

If your hair loss analysis shows that you are losing hair due to any cause other than female or male pattern baldness, we will conduct various tests to determine the underlying causes. In some cases, you may need to treat a condition before beginning hair restoration. Understanding what is behind your hair loss will help us determine the best course of treatment.

Why Does Your Hair Loss History Matter?

It is essential for us to learn about your hair loss history to determine the causes and best treatment options. We will study your hair loss characteristics. You could be experiencing hair thinning which means that your scalp is becoming more visible without a specific area balding. You could be shedding excessively as seen in patients who see clumps of their hair falling out.

We will ask you how long you have been experiencing hair loss and whether you can indicate a time when you had a normal head of hair. It is sometimes difficult to determine when hair loss begins because you may not notice it at first. We will also ask you about any family history of hair loss. Hereditary hair loss usually happens to different members of your family, and if you have members of your family with this condition, you are likely experiencing it as well.

Learning about your hairstyle routines will help us determine whether you are suffering from traction alopecia, a condition caused by hairstyles that continuously pull or tug on your hair such as weaves or cornrows. We also need to know if you use repeated chemical hair treatments, or if you use excessively hot blow dryers.

Any illnesses you suffer or medications you are taking will also give us clues as to the causes of your hair loss. We also need to know about your diet and if you are receiving the necessary nutrients for your hair health.

All the information we gather from your hair loss history will help us determine the causes of your hair loss along with treatment options. In addition to taking your history, we will conduct several tests, including digital analysis of your hair to gain more insights into your hair loss.

Why Does Your Hair Loss History Matter?

The typical number of hairs in a human scalp is around 100-120 hair per centimeter square. When hair thinning begins to take place, the number of strands decreases and the hair shafts become thinner and smaller.

At Amarillo Hair Restoration Center, we use a Digital Hair Densitometer to accurately measure the hair count in one centimeter square of your scalp. A densitometer is a handheld device that delivers digital, magnified images of your hair displayed on an LCD screen, revealing the properties and the diameter of your hair shaft.

This analysis will reveal abnormal levels of miniaturization, which are decreased hair shaft diameters due to DHT, the hormone that plays a primary role in the development of female or male hair pattern baldness. The digital analysis also gives a clear assessment of your donor hair supply, helping us to determine if you are a good candidate for a hair transplantation procedure.

Why Does Your Hair Loss History Matter?

Depending on your specific condition and your unique needs, we may need to perform some of the following diagnostic tests:

Hair Pull: We perform this analysis to determine if that are any abnormalities in your hair growth cycles. During the hair pull, we will take about 25 to 50 hairs from your scalp using a series of gentle pulls. Typically, only a few strands will come out with every pull. If more than a few hairs come out at a time, there is a possibility of an abnormal hair growth cycle.

Once we remove the hairs, we may examine the ends under a microscope to determine the condition of your hair shaft and the bulb, which is the end of the hair shaft extracted from your hair follicle. It is not uncommon to find abnormalities in the hair growth cycle in patients of any age. Common causes could be thyroid hormone imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, side effects of certain medications, anemia, or some systemic illnesses or psychological stresses.

Scalp Biopsy: This may not be a standard procedure, but may be needed if we are searching for additional information to evaluate the hair loss inside of your hair follicles. We only perform scalp biopsies if we find that the additional information is needed to treat your condition.

Hair Analysis: We may order a hair analysis to determine the reason for a hair shaft abnormality. We will use this laboratory testing to look further for information including an altered hair protein profile from an inherited defect, drug ingestion, or heavy metal contamination.

There are many other tests we may choose to conduct based on your condition and the information we need to meet your individual needs. Once we gather the required information, we will use it to determine the best course of treatment for your condition.


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